Pastoral care that we can all do

Saturday November 5th with Jeane Finnegan

Wesley Centre Chaplain Jeane Finnegan grew up in a church-based family in South Africa, but says it was when she first came to Australia that the Christian faith became real and personal to her. She shares how for years she felt the call to leave her job and study at Bible college, and when she responded to that call it changed the direction of her career. Having worked as an organisational change practitioner in business, Jeane moved into ministry as a chaplain in aged care services for Wesley Mission. Now, as chaplain for the Wesley Centre and Wesley Mission staff, she works with people from all walks of life. In seeking to provide holistic care for people, Jeane speaks about her surroundings. She also shares the joys and challenges of journeying with people who vision to equip the church and community to do pastoral care in their own have experienced high levels of trauma in their lives.

More details to come