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Sound and Music Training Day

10am - 3pm

with Tim Kuschel and Hans Kristensen

Stromlo Christian Church Hub

Each training session has limited space, so book now. Tickers are $20, not including lunch. There eateries in the Weston Creek Community Centre or you can bring your own lunch.

Music training day

Hans Kristensen is from Sydney. He preaches Jesus, loves Kate, Emma and Niels, plays guitar loudly, goes for the Golden State Warriors, leads Marsfield Community Church, prays for and loves Sydney.

Hans had experience in the music industry as a session guitarist and especially with church bands, occasionally responsible for bands at Katoomba Christian Conventions. Hans will help us all to think through the place of the production of good music and audio at church, and will then take the musos for a practical guide on how to lead a band, improving a band’s sound, and working together as a team. By practical, we mean that there’ll be a demo band, but participants are also encouraged to bring instruments.

Sound training day

Tim Kuschel is from Canberra. He is an acoustic consultant specialising in architectural acoustics and electro-acoustic design. Tim is an active member of the Australian Acoustical Society and the Audio Engineering Society. Tim regularly runs the sound at Men’s and Women’s Convention as well as the AFES National Training Event (NTE).

After the morning all-in with Hans, Tim will take the Sound desk and audio team members and work his way through various simple and technical details. Tim is not only vastly overqualified to lead this, he will also bring a whole lot of equipment to replicate various microphone and sound desk issues. This is pitched at beginners and advanced levels. Beginners will provide the basic tips, and seasoned operators will appreciate Tim’s up-to-date industrial, experience, technical knowledge, and problem solving skills.