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Jesus After Religion: Ministry in the secular space


with Rory Shiner

The recent Australian census has revealed what most of could already feel—Christian identity, believe and behaviour are all in significant decline in Australia.

In 1901 over 95% of Australians identified as Christian. Today that number is at about 52%. We will almost certainly live to see the moment when Christianity becomes a minority faith in Australia. The fastest growing category are the ‘nones’—people who, when asked for their religious identity, reply ‘none’.

The day works in three sections: (1) Now explores the situation we face with the best data and analysis we can find. (2) Where explores the various options Christians proposed for where to go next. And (3) How is a shot at mapping out what a faithful evangelical ministry could look like in our context.

Rory was born in Albany and has lived most of his life in Perth, with stints in Singapore and Sydney. He is married to Susan and they have four boys. At University he studied Arts and from there launched a career washing dishes at restaurants. He is currently the Senior Pastor of Providence City Church. He enjoys writing, and has written books on Union with Christ and on the Resurrection of Jesus

  • Canberra Austral-Asian Christian Church (36 Ringrose Cres, Isaacs , ACT 2607)
  • Three sessions
  • A chance to meet others in ministry
  • $25 including lunch

Sound and Music Training Day


with Tim Kuschel and Hans Kristensen

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