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Canberra Men's Christian Convention

6 August 2016

Men’s convention will be a day filled with exceptional and relevant Bible teaching, time to worship God in song, in conversations with new friends and old, and in prayerful reflection on His powerful word.

Keynote Speaker


Phil Campbell has almost 25 years experience leading churches in both the city and the country in both NSW and Qld. Phil is the Senior Pastor of Mitchelton Presbyterian Church in Brisbane, a church which has planted multiple congregations. Phil teaches preaching at the Queensland Theological Centre, and is the co-author of Saving Eutychus, a book that helps save preaching from being dull (see Acts 20). Phil originally worked as an Electrical Engineer in the NSW Department of Main Roads and a freelance computer journalist. Phil and his wife Louise have four adult kids and three grandchildren.


We are offering seminars again in 2016. You will be able to choose a seminar to attend with about 150 other men. These smaller groups will allow us to offer more specific content. We’ll ask you to indicate your seminar preference closer to the conference date for planning purposes.

Being a man on the mission field

Dan Evers

Dan will look to share some of his experiences personally as he worked out what it meant to be a man serving in ministry for the six years that he was in Hong Kong.

He will share about some of the joys, pressures, temptations and challenges he faced personally and how God worked in these things.

You may be challenged to consider going to places around the globe where people are in real need of hearing the gospel.

Why school kids need to know about Jesus from men

Matt Grocott, Phil Burnett and Steve Linder

Hear from Matt who volunteers at “SUPAClub”. See how it has impacted some kids, parents and carers and how you can be involved and support this vital ministry to primary school children. Hear from Phil who volunteers with CEIS.  Learn how CEIS provides an opportunity for primary school children to see and hear from men who are confident in Christ as they seek, question and explore Christian faith and values. Hear from Steve who is a high school chaplain. Learn why school ministry is a priority for all growing local churches.

Certainty for Eternity

Mark Gilbert

People from a Catholic background make up the largest religious group in Australia. Nearly 30% of our nation identify as Catholic and they educate 1 in 4 students in the country. Despite this, very few go to mass regularly any more. In many parts of the world, Catholics are going to protestant churches in search of God. In South America, evangelical churches have grown to over 20% of the population. In North America 50% of Catholics that stop going to mass end up in protestant churches, yet here in Australia hardly any Catholics make the switch. Sadly Catholics in Australia that stop going to mass don’t end up going anywhere. This seminar will explore what Jesus has to offer Catholics in Australia.

In the trenches: caring for men with mental illness

John Neasey

Anxiety, depression and other mental illnesses are part of the fallen human existence. This seminar will help men learn how to journey with other men facing mental illness. When you are in the trenches, you can be there for the man either side of you. This seminar will cover how God is involved in the journey, important principles of caring, some caring skills, and how to take care of yourself.


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Your ticket price includes morning tea and lunch. Tickets are available for purchase on the day subject to availability.

Bring your Dad or invite your son and take advantage of the “Father and Son” combo ticket. Just $90 for both of you to attend, $80 if your son is under 18.

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Event Details

9am – 4pm, Saturday 6 August 2016

Manning Clark Building, ANU


We sincerely appreciate the partnership we have with the men who promote men’s convention at their church. We know that you are often the influence that means men choose to come along.

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