Canberra Christian Conventions

Growing Together


Anna Boxwell

16 September 2023

Preaching to the HeartPreaching to the Heart

Andrew Katay

17 March 2023

Glorious UnityGlorious Unity

Anna Brotherson

17 September 2022

Preaching the ProverbsPreaching the Proverbs

Andrew Errington

1st August 2019

Single MindedSingle Minded

Dani Treweek, Chris Thomson

15th June 2019

Raising Up ApprenticesRaising Up Apprentices

Ben Pfahlert

17th May 2019



Rod Irvine

27th October 2018



Annabel Nixey

15th September2018

OT Narratives

Real Men

Paul Grimmond

2nd June 2018

OT Narratives

Preaching from OT Narratives

John Woodhouse

11th April 2018



Susan Ravenhall

21st October 2017

Sex and Gardening

Sex & Gardening

Rory Shiner

5th August 2017

Jesus After Religion: Ministry in the secular space

Jesus After Religion

Rory shiner

4th August 2017

Getting mission back on the agenda at Church

Getting mission back on the agenda

Sam Chan

6th March 2017

How to tell your friends about Jesus

How to tell your friends about Jesus

Sam Chan

4th March 2017

Taking a Stand: Speeches that defined the world

Taking a Stand

Lesley Ramsay

22nd October 2016

Judges: Men behaving badly

Judges: Men behaving badly

Phil Campbell

6th August 2016

The good news about Church and preaching

Church and preaching

Peter Jensen

3rd August 2016

Infertility, IVF, and Pregnancy Loss

Infertility, IVF, and Pregnancy Loss

Andrew Ford, Anna Boxwell

19th March 2016

Preaching Evangelistically

Preaching Evangelistically

Ian Powell

16th November 2015



Julia Polkinghorne

17th October 2015

Guarding the Heart

Guarding the Heart

Vaughan Roberts

8th August 2015

Sex in the iWorld

Sex in the iWorld

Vaughan Roberts

7th August 2015

Getting to Grips with Mental Illness in the Church

Getting to Grips with Mental Illness

Rebecca Randall, Andrew Cameron

27th March 2015

building effective teams

Building effective teams

Rhett Harris, Dan Ford

8th November 2014


Freedom from Guilt and Stupidity

Simon Manchester

18th October 2014


A Trustworthy God

Kimberley Gibson

16th August 2014

preaching the psalms square

Preaching the Psalms

David Cook, Mike Raiter

20th June 2014

mens 2013 album art


Nigel Fortescue

19th October 2013

womens 2013 ablume art

Living in the light of Jesus’ return

Carmelina Read

17th August 2013

mens 2012 album art

Our Identity in Christ

Rowan Kemp

20th October 2012

womens 2012 album art

Dressed and Ready

Louisa Pfitzner, Jo Ingham

18th August 2012

womens idenitifer


Jenny Salt

27th August 2011

womens idenitifer

Real Love

Tori Walker, Michelle Philp

28th August 2010

Canberra Christian Conventions seeks to support churches and people to grow up into Christ and grow closer together in the unity of the Spirit.